Energy Efficiency

Propane improves home energy efficiency

energyPropane has long been hailed as one of the most versatile ways to power a home’s heating equipment and appliances. Of course, this amazing versatility wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans if propane didn’t also do its job so well.

Because propane burns hot and clean, the appliances it powers can achieve efficiency ratings that reach well into the 90% range. In fact, propane will outperform other kinds of power in just about any home comfort application. This means you use less energy. And when you eliminate energy waste, you save money.

So if you’re searching for energy tips to save money, put “use propane more” at the top of your list. Take a look at all the ways propane can make a difference:

Home Heating. A propane gas furnace will heat air to about 130˚ or 140º and operate in short intervals to minimize operating costs while maximizing warmth. This is quite different from an electric heat pump, which produces air that can feel cool to the touch. On colder North Carolina days, a heat pump must rely on its onboard electric heat backup to keep pace; once that backup system kicks in, your heating bills can go through the roof.

Propane fireplaces. If you’ve converted your old wood fireplace to a modern gas log set—or upgraded to an efficient, clean-burning propane fireplace insert—you’re enjoying a host of benefits. Besides offering great ambiance and less maintenance, a gas fireplace costs anywhere from 30% to 60% less to operate per hour than a wood-burning fireplace, which loses much of its heat through the chimney.

water heaterSpace heaters. High-efficiency direct-vent propane space heaters are another way to raise the efficiency levels in your home. By enabling targeted, high-efficiency zone heating to the most used rooms in your living space, you won’t have to rely as much on your primary furnace or boiler.

Pool heaters. Propane pool heaters deliver more heat for less money than electric heat pump heaters, which draw heat from the outside air—a good thing if the outdoor temperature is warm, but not so great for the morning or evening, when you need pool heating the most. In contrast, solar heaters take longer to heat your water, and they’re not going to help you when there’s no sun to provide power.

Water Heating. About 20% of the energy you use in your home is spent on heating your water. When you consider that, on average, a propane-powered water heater can deliver your hot water at about half the cost of an electric water heater, relying on propane for all your hot water needs remains a wise choice. Learn more about propane water heaters.

The bottom line: When it comes to efficiently power your home comfort equipment, propane ups the ante, especially when compared with electricity—and that means lower bills and more comfort for you, and a smaller carbon footprint, to boot!

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Thinking about adding a propane-powered appliance? Your local propane company can help. Contact it today to learn about the many benefits and options for clean, green propane power in your North Carolina home. Be sure to check out our Rebates page to see how you can save money on your investment in new propane equipment.