Tank Water Heaters

The benefits of propane-powered tank water heaters

Thinking about replacing your old electric storage tank water heater? Energy Star–certified propane storage tank models feature modern and energy-saving features like electronic ignition (no wasteful pilot light) and top-notch insulation. Propane-powered tank water heaters are efficient and reliable, with the capacity to meet the demands of any North Carolina residence.

In short, propane storage-tank water heaters are built to deliver superior value, comfort and savings.

They are a versatile, efficient and reliable hot water solution, with a wide range of capacities to meet the demands of any home. While they are more compact in size than electric units, they are not small on performance: A 50-gallon propane unit delivers the same amount of hot water as an 80-gallon electric unit. And it heats your water much faster!

Propane-powered tank water heaters save on space

Propane storage-tank water heaters are smaller in size than electric models of the same capacity, so they can fit where an electric model might not. This is important, since federal efficiency standards now require all storage-tank models to be larger than they used to be—if you try to replace an old electric unit with a new, larger electric model, it might not fit in the same space. (Investing in a propane tankless water heater is also a great solution if you’re under space constraints.)

Contact your propane company today to learn more about a tank water heater installation or to get tips about tank water heater maintenance. Be sure to ask how you can qualify for a propane water heater rebate!

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